Google play offers interplanetary distribution of apps



Interplanetary distribution of apps
Google offers interplanetary distribution of apps.


Google has offered to take App publishing beyond earth using Google play store , with more than a billion Android users world wide Google now aims to push app for space tourists and astronauts .

With new  Material Zero-G  design guide lines, space testing of apps; Google aims to publish your apps for space usage.

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Install whatsapp and whatsapp++ on iPad or iPod touch with iOS 8.1.x

Whatsapp on iPad iOS 8.1
Whatsapp on iPad iOS 8.1

WhatsApp, arguably the most used mobile messaging application isn’t available for iPad  as it lacks the  SMS or calling feature required for WhatsApp verification. But this hasn’t stopped modders from installing WhatsApp on iOS  with full features.

[box type=”warning”] As of later versions of WhatsApp needs Jailbreak tweaks to function, so this trick requires your iPad’s iOS to be jailbroken. This method has been tested to work with jailbroken iOS 8.1.2 . Jailbreaking void’s the warranty of your device & I hold no responsibility for your jailbroken device or related activity.[/box]

Requirements :

1. Jailbreak (Note : read above info) –

2. iFunBox –

3. WhatsApp Messenger from iTunes –

4. Whatspad from Cydia.

5. Phone number for verification.

Procedure :

Follow this video walkthrough –

1. Download WhatsApp Messenger .ipa to your local file system.

2. Install it to your iPad or iPod Touch using iFun Box.

3. Install whatspad from cydia.

4. Open whatsapp from your iPad or iPod touch and complete the verification procedures.

Note : Keep in mind that if you are using the phone number of an existing  WhatsApp install then you’ll loose the ability to use the WhatsApp on the former install, of course till you re-verify it.

5. If you want you could install WhatsApp ++ from cydia repository.

Note : whatsapp++ is an unofficial mod for whatsapp and is not connected with official whatsapp messenger. Using it might get you banned in whatsapp, though I’ve haven’t yet been banned in iOS for using whatsapp ++.

Let me know if  you had any  queries on twitter @theindiandragon


[box type=”info”] Copyright info : Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. WhatsApp is a copyright of WhatsApp inc. [/box]


shellshock vulnerability in android

shellshock vulnerability
shellshock vulnerability , executing commands after environment


I’ll try to put it as simple as possible to the readers from non information security background, ‘bash shell’ an inevitable part of unix based systems like Unix, Linux, Mac OS  is messed up badly by a easy to exploit  vulnerability that all hell broke loose. Shellshock aka Bashdoor  as it’s fondly called is a series of dangerous security bugs on the bash shell.


The first of these series, which would let anyone execute arbitrary commands following a crafted environment variable like this,

env x='() { :;}; echo vulnerable' bash -c "echo this is a test"

Speaking more on the vulnerability and it’s implications is beyond the scope of this article. Incase you are a power reader and wish to know in-depth regarding the vulnerability, please take a look at the excellent coverage on the same by troy hunt here.

What I really wanted to speak about here is shellshock’s implications in Android operating system.

Shellshock and Android

Now that smartphones have effectively replaced laptops as your personal computing devices and then large scale surveillance celebrity nude leaks have become page 3 news – you should really be aware of the things which could affect your personal devices and shellshock or other bash/linux vulnerabilities should fall on the top of that list, because Android is just a Linux on steroids inside !

Android devices part of Open Handset Alliance like LG, Samsung, HTC etc. seem to use sh instead of bash for your sweet dreams but all is not well in the android world as significant number of AOSP (Android Open Source Project) based android devices like Cyanogenmod are still running  un patched version of bash shell and are very much prone to shellshock vulnerabilities.

During my tests I was surprised to see MIUI a AOSP based android OS from Xiaomi, not to be affected by shellshock. I’m eager to test on Amazon’s Fire OS, Alibaba’s Alyun etc.

Testing shellshock’s CVE-2014-6271 on Android is simple if you had any kind of experience with android developer tools. Run the above command on the adb shell and if you get the command after the environment variable function executed successfully, it means your device is vulnerable to shellshock exploit.


In Android, apps are run inside a sandbox environment for the data in order to prevent other apps from accessing it. Though bash vulnerabilities shouldn’t directly affect the sandbox security, any privilege execution resulting in super user capabilities for the malicious app can affect the entire system.

For making things simpler for those who didn’t  want to get their hand’s dirty in testing for Shellshock vulnerability, I made an app which does it for you.

Shellshock Vulnerability Scanner app


Representation of Shellshock Vulnerability Scan.
Representation of Shellshock Vulnerability Scan.

You can download the app from here –

When you open the app it gives the information you are looking for directly without any gimmicks like ‘scanning system’ which isn’t required to test this vulnerability.

Note :

The app comes with  No warranty whatsoever. Though it doesn’t do anything which could damage your mobile, you own responsibility for all your actions.

Opensource !

I have put the complete code in the GitHub for you to explore, learn & even modify to add tests for additional vulnerabilities. You can grab the code from here – 

So if you had any concerns or opinion regarding shellshock let me know over twitter (@theindiandragon) or Facebook.

Android One – what it means for us, vendors and google !

First set of android one phones released in India. Source : Google

Google, yesterday at a event in Mumbai announced new range of smartphones under ‘Android One’ banner which enables domestic handset vendors sell hardwares using google reference design and regular operating system updates from Google directly like it’s nexus line of smartphones but with one key difference – price.

Since Android One programme is aimed at countries like India, Philippines, Bangladesh  where smartphone penetration though growing at a massive rate still distributed lesser than feature phones, they are priced very competitvely.

The first set of Android phones announced here were  Spice Dream Uno, Karbonn Sparkle V and Micromax’s Canvas A1 priced INR 6,299, 6,399 and 6,499 respectively which is close to US $ 100. Since they all share the same reference design by google, they all share same hardware except for some customisations in enclosures.

Click below to see the specifications.

[learn_more caption=”Technical specifications of Karbonn Sparkle V, Spice android One Dream UNO, Micromax Canvas A1″]

Form : Touch

SIM : Dual SIM

Network : 2G, 3G

Operating Frequency GSM : 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz 2100MHz/850MHz

Processor : Mediatek MT6582 – 1.3GHz Quad core

Operating System : Android 4.4 Kitkat

Memory : RAM 1 GB

Display : Size 4.5 inch

Resolution : FWVGA 480*854 pixels

Camera :Primary – 5 MP, Camera : 2 MP Video Recording : Yes, HD Recording, Zoom

Connectivity : GPRS, EDGE ,3G, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB

GPS : Yes Storage : Internal memory 4GB, User

Memory 2 GB (Approx) External memory Micro SD, up to 32GB

Multimedia : Video, Audio

FM : Yes

Dimensions/Size : Karbon Sparkle V : 113*66*10.4mm Spice Android One Dream UNO : 67x132x9.15 mm Micromax Canvas A1 : 13.2 x 0.9 x 6.7 cm

Weight N/A

Battery Type 1700mAh

Sound : Loudspeaker, 3.5mm jack

Sensors : G-Sensor , Proximity sensor, Light sensor, E-Compass, Gyro Sensor


So choosing one of these phones is more of a personal choice and vendors help a bit with offering colours and other offers for you to choose.

Spice Android one Dream UNO


Spice Android One Dream UNO, Source : Flipkart

Spice has partnered with Flipkart exclusively for delivering Android one Dream UNO coupled with great offers such as,

Free screenguard in the box.
On your purchase of Spice Dream Uno Android One phone get Rs. 200 recharge from FreeCharge.
Free preselected eBooks worth Rs 1000 on downloading the Free Flipkart eBooks App.
Rs.1,500 Myntra App exclusive offer for Spice Android One phone.
Flat 50% off on Spice Dream Uno flipcovers.
Free Sandisk 8 GB memory card with this product.

You can check Spice Android one Dream UNO in Flipkart here.


Karbonn Android One Sparkle V


Karbonn Sparkle V . Source : Snapdeal
Karbonn Android One Sparkle V . Source : Snapdeal


Karbonn has partnered exclusively with Snapdeal to offer Android One Sparkle V. Unlike Spice’s Dream UNO,  Sparkle V seems to be available in multiple colour options like Red, Blue and White.

As of this writing, I was able to find only the Blue version available in the Snapdeal website.


Offers coupled with it are :

Free 8 GB Memory Card.
Free Software Upgrades & App Downloads from Airtel.
Free Snapdeal Coupons Worth Rs 2,000 (Valid Up To 2 Months).
Offer 4 Free Recharge Worth Rs 200 From FreeCharge (2 Codes Worth Rs 100 each).

You can check out Karbonn Android One Sparkle V from Snapdeal here.

Micromax Canvas A1 with Android one


Micromax Canvas A1 with Android One. Source : Amazon



Micromax has partnered with to offer Canvas A1 with Android one. Micromax’s website touts two colours  of Canvas A1, one called Magnetic Black and other looks white and only the former is available in Amazon now.


Micromax has put up the following offers with Canvas A1 –

Free Coupons worth Rs.2000 on Watches, Shoes & more
Free Strontium 8GB MicroSDHC Memory Card
10% Cash Back on State Bank Debit & Credit cards.
For Airtel users, free software upgrades and app downloads for 6 months.
Up to Rs. 10,000 in Gift Cards for lucky customers, ends September 21st.

You can check out Micromax Canvas A1 here.

What it means for us ?

It means affordable and reliable smartphone experience for the masses, especially where smartphone penetration is low. This might well even may be the first computation device for many, especially if the prices drop further. With regular operating system updates guaranteed from Google, the phones are guaranteed to serve longer than their counter parts from the same price range. Google has tied up with Network provider like Airtel in India to provide Over the air updates for free for few months and limited downloadable data as well.

App developers would be benefited from the new affordable smartphones and could bring more contribution to android ecosystem, but with hardware from chipset manufactures like MediaTek who doesn’t release /charge fee for kernel source release will mean less or no interest with hardcore android developers. So as of now it cannot replace the nexus line of devices for the developers, but it sure helps bring in new android developers.

What it means for the vendors ?

Android One for vendor is a double edged sword for the vendors, on one hand they get reference design, subsidies and software support from Google and on the other they loose individuality in their products and there by loose the edge in competition. Google limits the apps loaded in Android One by the vendors. Now that smartphones like Xiaomi Redme 1S could be affordable with better hardware but without latest Android version, its just matter of time to see whether people are really interested in latest and shiny OS versions  or better hardware for the price they pay. It’s worth to note here that Android One isn’t the first affordable smartphone in the Country as Firefox OS based handsets like Intex Cloud FX, Spice Fire One are already available that cost’s half that of current Android One Phones i.e if you term smartness of a handset by email, browsing  and few apps and not by matured ecosystem which Android and iOS enjoys.

It seems vendors have already appealed to Google for freedom in choosing hardware components and OEM’s for their Android One handsets and that Google has decided to bring in Qualcomm as an additional chipset vendor.Future handset manufactures who are set to enter Android One segment include Acer, Alcatel Onetouch, ASUS, HTC, Intex, Lava, Lenovo, Panasonic and Xolo.

What it means for the Google ?

Google has invested heavily in the Android One platform to subsidise the smartphones and couple it with attractive offers in order to migrate the population using feature phones in developing countries to android ecosystem. More internet and mail  literate users means more Advertising revenue for Google. Though Google has taken a major step by reducing smartphone prices in order to make them more affordable to the masses from countries like India, Bangladesh, Philippines – converting them as it’s potential assets for internet based revenue will be questionable as high speed internet penetration is still low in rural areas of  these countries. Google should work together with the government and network providers in these countries to bring affordable high speed internet connectivity if it has to create a win-win situation for both the customers and itself.


It’s about time  your NRI cousin’s ask you to bring them a smartphone  !

Travelling Sales Person problem, how Quantum computing solves it faster

Travelling Sales Person problem,how Quantum computing solves it faster

Travelling Sales Person Problem how Quantum computer does it better
D-wave system

I checked out a recent article in BBC on Nasa/Google inducting a new Quantum computer – D-wave Two , what impressed me more was it’s benchmark results based on Travelling Salesman Problem(TSP). It’s been long, I did a math post so thought why not do small, simple demo on TSP for you and explain how Quantum computer like D-wave excels at it.


[box] This demo is for people for whom combinatorial optimisation is new or those who want to check out implementation of TSP on Wolfram alpha. This post is not Computation/Mathematics experts as I won’t be covering any algorithms or optimisation approach, this post is just aimed at giving basic understanding of TSP.[/box]


Travelling Sales Person problem, how Quantum computing solves it faster

The Objective of the Travelling Sales Person problem is cover a set of cities such as to take route with least distance to cover all cities and reach the starting point. I have given a wolfram alpha widget below to explain the concept with actual Indian cities – Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kochi.

Usage :

1. Click “Check it out “

2. Click “Show Shortest path”

Solution :

Here the optimal solution i.e least distance for tour is Mumbai->Chennai->Bangalore->Kochi->Mumbai .

Computation :

The TSP problem is NP-Hard problem which cannot be solved in polynomial time, in simple terms a very hard problem. Since the computation is linear, i.e  the distance between all cities have to be calculated to know the least distance. The problem gets complicated when number of cities increases, infact the computation is in  O(n!). For 50 Cities, it becomes 10^64  (Thats 10 followed by 64 zeros ! ) . Even powerful computers struggle for Hard TSP problems. Variety of approaches like Dynamic Programming, Exact algorithms, Heuristic and approximation algorithms are used to solve TSP problems.

Video demo :

Quantum Computing :

“The laws of quantum physics, which govern the microscopic world, allow bits of matter to be in two states simultaneously”, says D-wave Systems. D-wave 2 a 15 million $ quantum computer has two unique processors which use a concept called “Quantum Tunneling”.

DWave 2 processors makes use of Quantum Tunnelling.
D-Wave 2 processors makes use of Quantum Tunnelling

The benchmarks of D-wave 2 accessed by Nasa/Google shows that the TSP problem which took 30 minutes to solve on a traditional computer software like the one I used in my demo above, was solved less than fraction of a second on a D-wave 2 quantum computer. D-wave is able to produce such impressive results using it’s “quantum annealing” feature that can extract optimal mathematical solution from all possibilities.

In the case of  TSP, The D-Wave Two chip can compare all the possible distances at once, rather than having to work through each in turn. That saves lot computational time and thus explains better results. This is made possible because using Quantum annealing, Dwave can save information to both 0 and 1 states simultaneously.

Conclusion :

What D-wave 2 has done here is very impressive, that explains Nasa and Google beating to try it out. Taking different approach to quantum computing seems to have done wonders to Dwave. Hope Quantum computing becomes main stream computing and soon find it’s way to personal computing space , don’t ask – Our requirements are limit less !

Run Whatsapp on pc mac or hackintosh

Run Whatsapp on PC, Mac or hackintosh

Whatsapp on pc mac hackintosh
Whatsapp on mac / hackintosh

Run Whatsapp on pc mac or hackintosh

Whatsapp has proved itself to be an indispensable messaging application mainly due to it’s simple usable interface and multi platform support. The multi platform support of Whatsapp extends only to mobile devices and not across mobile and pc platforms.

Most of us spend our maximum time on pc and how cool it would be to send and receive messages in whatsapp over pc to mobile or vice versa when working on other pc tasks like programming, editing or even word processing !

Bluestacks android application emulator
Bluestacks android application emulator

To our relief is the Bluestacks android application emulator, which allows us to run android application on multiple pc platforms like windows and mac. As of this writing, Bluestacks is also available for windows surface tablet and release for other platforms like chrome OS is also planned. Bluestacks mimics Android user mode thus enabling us to run android apps on windows or OSX.

Bluestacks is a free software, and you can download it from the link below.

Video Walkthrough

I’ve made a complete video guide showing you how to install and run Whatsapp using Bluestacks on  mac osx but you can use the same procedure to run whatsapp on a windows computer.

Text Guide

Those who cannot wait to watch a 17 minute video can follow the quick summary of steps involved to run Whatsapp on your computer.

1. Download and install Bluestacks application from the above mentioned link according to your OS.

2. Run Bluestacks,click search button on top right to search for Whatsapp and sync with your google account using 1-click sync.

3. Install Whatsapp from the market of your choice.

Install whatsapp on Bluestack app player
Install whatsapp on Bluestack app player

4. Install Astro file manager the same way.

5. Copy your contacts from contacts application(mac), outlook (windows) or from your mobile to the Documents folder of your computer.

6. Use Astro file manger from Bluestacks to open My Files/sdcard/bstfolder/Documents and click the contacts you exported before and open them with Contacts application of android inside bluestacks.

7. Open Whatsapp from home screen of the Bluestacks.

8. Verify using a mobile number, the mobile number should not be used with another Whatsapp app on a real mobile and you should not use a fake number. Verify by sending sms to that number from Whatsapp , if it fails use the call verify method from Whatsapp.

9. The contacts who use Whatsapp will now be visible in the Whatsapp on your PC.

10. Send them a message informing your number if they did not have that number in their contacts earlier. Enjoy Whatsapping !


Ask your queries in comments, Facebook, Google plus or twitter. If you found this trick useful share the knowledge with your friends !

Sync iCloud live hotmail and email account in Android

An how to on Syncing iCloud, live, hotmail and email account in Android

If you are like me who having a dozen email id’s, like to keep up a rap sheet on email response time  and want to have all your email accounts synced to your smartphone on the go ? Look no further, as today I’ll show you how to sync iCloud,live,hotmail or email in your Android device.

Since syncing gmail and yahoo accounts are well documented, I’ll show you syncing iCloud account used in Mac , iOS devices and Microsoft email account such as hotmail, outlook or as they are not widely used and many are facing difficulties in syncing those accounts. I’ll show you account parameters used to sync the above accounts on my multiple devices, so if you follow the guide clearly then you should be able to pull this off with ease !

Sync iCloud live hotmail and email account in Android

1. Open the  default email client in the android.

2. Enter your full email address with domain (hotmail (or) outlook (or) live ) accordingly and enter the password for that account.

Set up live account in Android
Enter email id and password and click Manual setup

3. Select Manual setup.

4. Select Exchange (or Exchange Active Sync )

set live account in android
select Exchange

5. Enter your full email id in domain/username section (Delete the pre-populated username if any) and password.

6. Enter Server as and  it’s common for what ever domain you have your email like or

7. Set to use  SSL

8. Set the port 443

set up live account in android
set server settings

9. Set the sync option according to your need and data plan in the next screen. Setting it to Push will give you instant notification.

set up live account in android
set sync options
Note :

If you want to sync your office Exchange account  with your Android, you should get the security settings from your employee. You might probably have to set a key guard and give device administrator status of your Android device to your employee. There are some methods to bypass device administrator and key guard requirements for Microsoft Exchange account but it might get you fired! If you still want to check it out then, here’s a heads up –

Syncing iCloud email account in Android

1. Click Add new account and enter your complete iCloud email id with password.

sync iCloud email account in Android
Enter your iCloud email id and password

2. Click Manual setup and select IMAP .

sync iCloud email account in Android
select IMAP

3. Set Incoming server settings as follows,

Your username without domain (i.e without iCloud,mac or and password .

IMAP server : you can get this server setting from your Mac Apple Mail preferences, mine is –

in general it is like (Where X is any number from 1-9).

Security  : SSL

Depending on your version of Android, your setting screen in Email app could be different. So I’ve attached screenshot from Gingerbread and Jellybean.

sync iCloud email account in Android Jellybean
incoming server settings for iCloud in Android Jellybean
sync iCloud email account in Android Gingerbread
incoming server settings for iCloud in Android Gingerbread

4. Set Outgoing server settings as follows,

SMTP Server :

Security : TLS

Port : 587

Select require Sign-In and enter your username without domain (i.e without iCloud,mac or and password .

Depending on your version of Android, your setting screen in Email app could be different. So I’ve attached screenshot from Gingerbread and Jellybean.

outgoing server settings for iCloud in Android Jellybean
outgoing server settings for iCloud in Android Jellybean


outgoing server settings for iCloud in Android Gingerbread
outgoing server settings for iCloud in Android Gingerbread

5. Set the sync option according to your need and data plan in the next screen. iCloud does not support push for Android, so you’ll receive notifications for your email with a minimum delay of 5 minutes (or) according to your settings.


You can use the above sync settings to keep on time with your emails on the go and it would avoid using multiple email apps for each email account.

After you set up the email accounts, you can choose activate or disable the sync via your Android settings panel.

Toggle sync via android settings
Toggle sync via android settings


If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comments or through Facebook-twitter-Google + . I’ll get back to  ASAP.


Review ASMedia 1042, Cheap USB 3.0 Express card for your Macbook Pro, Hackintosh

Review of ASMedia 1042 controller, Cheap USB 3.0 Express card for your Macbook Pro, Hackintosh

I bought a cheap USB 3.0 Express card for my Macbook Pro which did not have a USB 3.0 by default like it’s latest iterations. So I needed an USB 3.0 express card as I wanted to leverage better Data Transfer Rate from my 1Terabyte Seagate Go Flex External HDD with STAE 104 USB 3.0 Adapter. My Go Flex HDD came with a USB 2.0 so I made a gamble by buying the express card first, testing it with USB 2.0 and then moving to USB 3.0. Everything went picture perfect and I’ll tell you how you can upgrade your old MBP or Hackbook to USB 3.0, Read on.

You need an Express card with ASMedia 1042 Chip to work on OSX. I bought USB 3.0 2 Port Express Card 54mm Notebook Adapter BC398 from Amazon for $10.37, though the previous versions of it had NEC USB 3.0 Controller mine had ASMedia 1042 Controller (even the cd had NEC drivers !), So confirm that your Express card has ASMedia 1042 before buying it.

The reason why you need ASMedia 1042 controller and how to enable your Express card in OSX can be found from the link below,

I have included the Amazon link of an express card with ASM 1042 controller above. The card I bought was semi flush-fit (i.e though it fit perfect, it needed some superglue to fix it in place). Make sure you buy the right size 54mm (or) 34mm supported by your MBP/hackintosh laptop. Also if you are planning to use your  Bus powered External HDD with USB 3.0 it would need external power supply to work, so your best bet is to get an express card which supports external power supply through USB like mine shown below (Also like the card shown above).
Here are the benchmarks of ASM 1042 USB 3.0 on OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.2 with Seagate Goflex 1Terabyte external HDD with USB 2.0/USB 3.0 adapter cable.
As you can see from the above benchmarks even USB 2.0 device performs better on this ASM USB3.0 express card and with USB 3.0 adapter cable my Goflex HDD gave me nearly twice the performance considering the bottle-neck of an PCI powered Express card slot which can provide only 5.0 Gb/sec at an maximum, the double increase in Read/Write speeds are consistent with realtime performance of  USB 3.0 devices on native USB 3.0 slots of modern laptops.
Any queries regarding this or suggestion can be posted in comments and you can also ask me though my twitter/facebook page.

How to enable flash player in jellybean dolphin browser

How to enable flash player in jellybean dolphin browser

Adobe has quit developing Flash Player for mobile devices and it’s last update was for Android Ice Cream Sandwich, luckily this version works for Jellybean too but dolphin browser for Android which supported Flash player plugin till ICS has quit the support for the plugin from Jellybean.

I would tell you the work around to enable flash player plugin support in jellybean dolphin browser.

Download the official flash player from adobe from the link below,

Though there are some developer versions of flash player available for JB, I would recommend you to download the official release for better stability.

Step 1: Install dolphin browser from Google Play to your JB android device.
Step 2: Install flash player downloaded above.
Note : make sure you have enabled unknown source install in the security section of your device.
Step 3: Connect the rooted-Android device to the computer and issue the following commands –
Note : make sure you have installed Android tools in your computer.

adb shell

cd data/data/mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser/shared_prefs

rm -rf mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser_preferences.xml

The above command will set the Flash player plugin to ‘Always On’ in the dolphin browser.

I have made the video of the steps above for your understanding
Step 4 : Test the flash player in the dolphin browser by clicking the flash player app and opening the link through dolphin browser. If  you see the flash player settings then you are good to go.
Step 5 : Disable the auto-update of dolphin browser in the Google Play, if you wish to update the browser you have to do the above steps again.
Ask your queries to me in the comments or through Facebook/twitter.

Picture curtesy : digital trends

Install AOKP Jellybean ROM in Samsung Galaxy Tab2

Install AOKP ROM based on Cyanogenmod on your galaxy tab2

Android Open Kang Project(AOKP) is a custom ROM project based on Cyanogenmod. But unlike CM which offers only nightlies(as of writing), AOKP has released a milestone(stable) version of Jellybean 4.1.2 ROM for Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100. AOKP ROM’s are light weight and have kernels capable of realtime processor speed stepping thereby giving maximum performance at the same time conserving battery charge.

See my AOKP ROM vs Official Jellybean ROM benchmarks for Galaxy Tab 2.0 here –

Samsung has started giving out OTA updates of Jellybean ROM based on 4.1.1 for Tab2 see the guide here to install official jellybean ROM from samsung, but those of you who demand better performance and timings between recharging battery can opt for light weight AOKP ROM. Read on how,

Disclaimer : Flashing ROM’s are risky, void’s warranty and could brick your device if not done properly. I am not held responsible in such cases. This guide is for educational purposes only, to follow this guide is solely under your discretion .

Since it is an aftermarket ROM, you have to download ROM and Google apps package separately.

Download the AOKP Milestone ROM and gapps-jb-20121011-signed from the link below,

Step 1: Install Clockworkmod recovery if you had not done earlier. Follow 1-6 steps from here.
Step 2: Take backup of your current ROM using ROM Manager or Titanium Backup app.
Step 3:  Press power button+volume up to enter into Clockworkmod recovery.
Step 4:  Wipe data/factory reset three times.
Step 5 : Select install, and select the download AOKP ROM from your internal/external sd-card.
Step 6:  After Install, Wipe cache/dalvik cache three times.
Step 7 : Now select the install again and install  in the same way as you install ROM.
Step 8:  Reboot

Hope you like the new AOKP ROM, incase you don’t then install the backed up ROM found in the clockworkmod directory just the way you installed AOKP ROM.