My Conversation with BSNL AE

My Conversation with BSNL AE

My Conversation with BSNL AE

This is my conversation with AE (Suppose to be the highest in authority in my local exchange)
AE : Hello
Me: Hello, I have issues with my Broadband Iam not able to
connect to internet with it for the past 4 days.

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AE: check the lights in the modem.
Me: Ya everything is fine here. I have configured the modem in
Auto- mode,I don’t have to dial. I think the problem is with
DNS so please give me the DNS if you have changed.
AE: Windows XP dhana (with a silly accent)
Me: No mam its mac/linux,but I can configure myself just tell me.

AE: Go to my network places-right click-properties……
Me: Just give me the DNS mam.
Me: Its of no use I’ve tried it already.
Me: Iam having the issue since TUE,I thought it was an
maintenance routine.
AE: ya actually we did some service, Avaru DNS mariruku nu
Me: So just give me that DNS.
AE: That is that DNS.
AE: Run Antivirus, it is the virus.
Me: what ?? this is mac, and I don’t have viruses .
AE: Then it is the modem problem, Bring the modem to BSNL
Me: No need, thanks. (Hung up the phone)
Now i contacted the BSNL customer service,they have the same
DNS which I was using previously and is of no use. so the issue is with my connection is some fault at the exchange,but the stupid BSNL people fail to get it done. I wonder HTF BSNL employees at these levels are stupid and lack common sense to the core. If I don’t get it corrected by TUE I plan to sue those people at consumer forum.

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