Tips to reduce internet data usage

Tips to reduce internet data usage

Tips to reduce internet data usage

1.Use firefox browser (coz its add ons n speed are no match for others).
2.Use no script add on in firefox to disable unwanted scripts and flash content (If u chat using gmail n yahoo,enable scripts for tat specific site).
3.Bookmark important pages,so tat u need not search again.
4.If u download youtube videos to your desktop,then use a desktop based app for doing so…it will save double downloads.

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5.Use a mail client in your  OS like Outlook(MS),Thunderbird(linux),Entourage or mail(mac) so tat u need not go to ur mail site to compose or check new mails,If u use these u can compose mail offline too.

6.Use a good Application firewall like Comodo(MS),to block applications in your pc from accessing net without your knowledge..(u’ll be surprised) this may even save ur pirated apps (I DON”T RECOMMEND PIRACY IN ANYWAY )  from expiring !!
7.If possible also use a software based Bookmark network firewall like comodo (MS), fire starter(linux),Norton(mac), to protect against inbound and outbound attacks.
8.Use a network monitor to keep track of use data usage,If u use this, u need not goto your ISP site to check every time.
9.Switch off your modem wen not using it,If u use a Wi-Fi modem protect it wit a password so tat your neighbors don use it !!.
10.If u got night unlimited plans ,schedule your computers to wake up at night n start downloads n shutdown automatically,the settings can be found in BIOS.

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