Use Wine to run your windows games and applications – Wine Is Not An Emulator !!

Use Wine to run your windows games and applications – Wine Is Not An Emulator 

Use Wine to run your windows games and applications – Wine Is Not An Emulator !!

Well guys am pretty sure that most of you may have heard about wine software for linux,well if u do then this post may enhance your wine experience if not, it would serve as a great info for newbies !!
What is wine ?
Wine is a software which will allow you to run windows applications on Linux.
Is wine a Emulator or a Virtualization technology ?
Na.Wine is neither a emulator nor a virtualization technology.

Then how does wine work ?

Letz start with some windows basics,applications run in windows by using dll’s (itz a set of libraries which run all apps in windows OS,even the OS itself !!).what wine does is, it creates its own set of dll’s which makes the apps believe that itz running on a windows OS (how cool is tat!!).
The wine guys have brought the entire windows folder inside the wine software !!

Who needs wine ?
Are u a linux newbie or some one who just love linux, and ur using windows just for itz applications or directx games?
U definitely need to sip the wine, cheers !! wine has come a long way in itz development so that, it can runs most windows apps n games(Even the high graphics ones,cheers again!!).

How to install and run wine ?
U can find very detailed information on installing and running wine in,
Wine doors
Wine doors is a software designed to help users with wine. It installs all necessary fonts and libraries which makes installing windows software on wine much easier and trouble free.
I’ll tell you how to install and run wine in Ubuntu 
Type the following commands in the Ubuntu terminal,
sudo bash
password (ur root password)
apt-get install wine
apt-get install wine-doors
Configuring n Tweaking wine :
Start wine-doors from system tools and install all fonts and runtimes it shows(remember u need internet for doing so).
Now type in ubuntu terminal,
U’ll be presented with a wine configuration menu,

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You can map your drives in the drives tab(or else all windows softwares will be installed in ur Ubuntu drives,its recommended).
Time for some tweaking:
you can find .wine folder in ur home folder(itz hidden press ctrl+H in ubuntu).
inside it you can find
c_drive-windows – system32 folders
Now go to your real windows/system32 (yes windows folder of your real windows OS) ,copy all .dll files except ,
remember you should not copy the above files,coz its the basic dll’s which the wine’s own dll’s should run.Copy every other dll files you find in this folder and replace it with the one U find in,

home/.wine/c_drive/windows/system32 of ur linux.
After you have finished configuring wine,just one more thing…
double click your .exe windows application and enjoy!!
Conclusion :
wine is an excellent software, no doubt about it..hats off to the wine developers.
Yet if you wanna use Linux to itz full potential you should learn how to use n be with windows alternate native linux applications. Nowadays Linux games are pretty cool too (I’ll be bringing a post on tat soon !!).
So go ahead gain your freedom from windows dependencies 

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