My first impression with OSX Lion

My first impression with OSX Lion

My first impression with OSX Lion

It has been three days, trying to tame the Lion or is the other way around ? ūüėõ
I want to set some things straight, first of all I am not an Mac fanatic but sure I am of OSX !! So the OSX rests inside my PC , I am not going to say how it got inside my PC for that you got to check out (
These are my first impressions with OSX Lion,

  1. Yes changed wall paper, a mighty Lion this time.
(For most lay men, this would be the only change!!)
     2.Window framework looks different, new light theme and new views like iTunes cover flow inside all folders with multitouch support !!
3.Mission control brings all running apps in one view, built on earlier expose.
4.Launchpad brings all installed applications on desktop view and can be navigated using multitouch.
5.New look for ical, mail and FaceTime included by default.
Now getting bit technical while digging inside,
1.Versions a new feature saves different versions of a same document , bringing time machine feature to common documents enabling me to get past versions of document.

2.Auto save feature saves all application and documents   automatically, no more worries on sudden system shutdown or power off.

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Security : Experts say Lion is king of security, really?

  1. ASLR : Address Space Layout Randomization
¬†This regularly changes how applications and programs are loaded onto the OS’s memory, and where they are located in the memory. this means hackers cannot any longer use exploits that assume data will be found in fixed locations, thereby improving the OS’ protection against hacking.
   2.Application Sandboxing
Another key security feature of Mac OS X Lion is a shielding system called application sandboxing. This limits the kind of interaction apps can have with the OS, with apps having to go through an approval process so they only use the parts of the OS they need to run. this is designed to keep malware at bay.
 3. FileVault Encryption
Apple has also rebuilt the FileVault encryption system, which now allows users to encrypt an entire hard drive rather than just files while also allowing disk contents to be encrypted when the Mac is powered-off.
Conclusion : Well  OSX has come a long way from the initial crash at random Operating System, It has proved itself with its Leopard series operating systems. Now with its latest iteration Lion, it may just be the worlds most advanced operating system available to end users !!

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