Geek can cook part-1, Super sambhar and Rice

Geek can cook , Super sambhar and Rice

I called my mom on a fine sunday,

Me : Hi  ma,  How can I make Sambhar ?


Well I know this is a nightmare for all geeks and their mom together. When you live far away from home  and  in a place where they put sugar in sambhar (I still cannot guess, where in the hell they got this idea to put sugar on our beautiful sambhar). All you can do is  depend on a cook and pizza’s to fill your poor tummy.

But this sunday is not going to be same. Yes my cook has not come and Iam not in mood for the same old pizza’s, So Iam going to cook today and show you too brothers who had been abstaining themselves from the most dreaded room in the house – The Kitchen
on how to make a  Super Sambhar and Rice !!
Super sambhar ?? Well it is just an ordinary sambhar, but super since we cook it 😀

Ok, now lets get dirty. After my mom recovered from that shock, I noted down the recipe for a perfect super sambhar , rice and created a masterpiece. Iam going to show you how you can reproduce the same.

After writing articles on windows installation to building satellite descramblers,

This is my first attempt on cooking so lets get started ,

Super Sambhar and Rice :

Sambhar :

Ingredients :

1/2 cup dhal (ask for sambhar dhal in shop) #parupu (tamil)

2 – tomatoes,chopped #thakali (tamil)

1-Onion,chopped #Vengayam (tamil)

2- Brinjals chopped to cubes #kathrika (tamil)

1-drumstick cut into 4 or 5 pieces  #moorungaka (tamil)

1- potato chopped to cubes  #ullaikalangu (tamil)

2 – Chillis -chopped #molaga(tamil)

A pinch of turmeric powder #(manjal podi)

1 tablespoon tamarind # puli (tamil),imli (hindi)

Coriander leaves # dhania

Curry leaves #karuva pilla (tamil)

2-tablespoon oil

Sambhar powder

Salt to taste

mustard seeds to fry in oil
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Making :

Make sure you have cleaned  the vessels, cooker and chopped the vegetables.

1. Put dhal in cooker with 3 times water (i.e if dhal is 1/2 , water should be 1.5 cups), put chopped tomatoes, a pinch of turmeric. Close and keep the cooker on burner for 3 whistles. Switch off the cooker after it.

2.  Soak the tamarind in water on a small vessel.

3. Take a kadai, pour  1 tablespoon oil and after it has been heated put some mustard seeds on it (keep away from it,it bursts yeah after all mustard bombs where made from it).
3.a.  put the chopped onions in it and do a saute (that is jerking like a thai chi on kadai with a spatula) till it turns golden brown.
3.b. put chilli, curry leaves, drumstick, brinjal, 1-tablespoon oil, 1/2 salt, sambhar powder (2-3 spoons) and do the saute again.
3.c. pour water till all the vegetables get soaked.
(Note:  make sure the burner is sim during all the procedure of step-3)

4. Open cooker (Hope the pressure has been released by now), smash the dhal with the spatula.

5. Put the smashed dhal on to the kadai, mix well.

6. Put the soaked tamarind pulp (just the tamarind pulp,throw away rest)  along with 1/2 salt.

7. Keep the burner in sim , mix and saute well.

8. Let it boil for 5-7 minutes and the burner should be in sim. Put the coriander leaves on the top and remove the kadai from the stove. (make sure you switch of the gas).

Your hot smokin super sambhar is ready !!

Now to make rice,

Rice :

1-cup rice, 2-cup water


1. Boil the rice in cooker with 1-cup rice and 2 cup water for about 3-4 whistles(depends on the quality of  rice, mostly 3 would do).

2. Let the steam go out of cooker naturally.

You got your smoking rice !!

Thanks for dear bro Dhanan jayan for helping me out on this venture 😉

Super sambhar and rice is ready for a nice lunch, try it out and share your experiences with me in comments.

Almost forgot, so did you notice the part-1 in the title,
yup that means I’ll be back with another super dish 😉

How to hijack a Facebook account and the need to use the secure feature – Part one (wired networks)

How to hijack a Facebook account and the need to use the secure feature – (wired networks)


Update : Facebook has enabled (secure browsing) https for everyone, so this attack is now not applicable. But still the procedure here applied to any website which has non secure login system.

This is a demonstration of  Session/Account hijacking vulnerability in Facebook if you do not use a secure connection over Facebook.

The part one of the series uses a wired network scenario for the demo.

Complete self explanatory video :


Attacks Employed :
1. Man in the middle attack/ ARP poisoning
2. Session Hijacking

Tools Used :

1.  Cain
2.  Wireshark
3.  Cookie editor (firefox Add on)

In this demo, I used a local wired network scenario. I used a Windows xp Virtual machine in my snow leopard machine to hijack  Facebook session of a Windows7 machine. I used windows since this demo can be reproduced easily in any realtime scenario. But this demo can be  tested on any Operating System.

How to :

1. Open Cain, Configure- set your Network card.
2. Use Mac Address Scanner to scan your local network  by specifying the range.
3. Identify your target PC, from the results.
4. Open a new ARP poisoning routing, set your ip and target ip.
5. Open Wireshark and filter http.
6. Wait for your target to open Facebook.
7. Check the Cain for poisoning status, Half-routing changes to Full-routing when the target uses the
8. Open  Facebook with firefox in your PC, use Cookie editor to note down the Cookie names
associated with Facebook.
9. Monitor the Wireshark for Facebook connection from the Target PC for
HTTP [Retransmission] GET /x/
10.  Copy the value of Cookies from the HTTP [GET].
11.  Open your firefox, delete the cookies of
12. Add the cookies and their values from the Wireshark you copied before.
13. After you have finished adding the cookies, save & close the Cookie editor.
14. Refresh your browser.
15. Congratulations. You have hijacked the Facebook account from your Target PC.

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How to prevent this vulnerability :

1. As of this writing, Facebook has brought in secure layer (SSL) for connection. But it is still not full fledged (or) is left for user’s preference.
So enable the secure browsing under Security in Account Settings.

2. Better use HTTPS Everywhere browser plugin to force the use secure HTTPS connection for all the websites (if they provide one).

Conclusion :

HTTPS connection should be made mandatory for such high profile websites. My next demo would show session Hijacking through wifi networks.

This demo is purely meant for educational purpose and to insist the secure way of browsing.
indiandragon does not take any responsibility for any harmful actions carried over by using this demo.