Forgotten Heroes – Veeran Sundaralingam, World’s first human bomb

Forgotten Heroes – Veeran Sundaralingam, World’s first human bomb

Forgotten Heroes is a series, where life of untold heroes who were involved  Indian Freedom Struggle  against british imperial authority decades ago Indian independence movement of 1857, which is now recorded widely as first movement of Indian independence. 
Purpose of this series is not to debate the facts of Indian independence movement, but to throw light on some of the many deserving legends whom the our history text books have forgotten to mention.
The need to recognize and count the sacrifice of these people  at present time is the way of building a healthier nation and secularist nation who’s foundation was laid down by the sacrifice of these great people.
Veeran Sundaralingam – World’s first Human Bomb

Veeran Sundaralingam

During mid 18th Century the rule of great Indian empire had come to an end and the rule of colonial British era has begun. Panchalankurichi a small village of Thoothukudi district in Tamilnadu. Under it were 96 villages collectively ruled by the king Kattabomman .
Sundaralingam is considered to have born between 1775 – 1780 in Kedunagiri village near Panchalakuruchi  to muthuaruli and kaladi. There are little recorded details on how his childhood was, but the available information suggest that he was very good at sports and was athletic. 
He seem to have been good in the sport of kabadi and a master in the game of chess. There is a well known tale in his native village which says he once swam in the pond and captured a crane.
Sundaralingam capturing a crane from the pond
Once during his early adulthood, The Ettayapuram maharaja’s private farm land had its water supplied  from nearby kanmai(vast spans of open water storage systems) the water of which also flowed to the farms in kedunagiri. Due to the shortage of water to his farms he ordered his soldiers to close the channel leading to keudnagiri, when the soldiers arrived in kedunagiri they faced stiff resistance only from sundarlingam and his friends among many other helpless people. Yet the resistance they faced where so powerful that they were left with no other choice but to retreat.
This act was brought to the knowledge of the king of Panchalankuruchi Veerapandiya Kattabomman. He made sundaralingam brought to a single house in  . While Sundaralingam was awaiting Kattoboman’s arrival, all he got was two visitors. The visitors said they had come to loot the house and made an offer to Sundaralingam and told him that a share would be given if he helped them. Sundaralingam became furious and opposed the thieves fiercely, the thieves were left with no choice but to reveal their disguise. They were no one but the Veerapandiyan and his secretary Thanapathi Pillai who had come to test the reliability of Sundaralingam and in which he passed with flying colors. Sundaralingam was made the general of Veerapandiyan Kattabomman’s army.
Sundaralingam fighting with the thieves
In 1796 when many kings payed heed to the British East Indian Company‘s demands, Veerapandi opposed and waged a war against the British a responsibility  shouldered by the then general of his, Sundaralingam. 
In 1799 the british forces without any prior notice surrounded the pancahalankuruchi fort, but Sundaralingam did not back off knowing the possible outcome of the situation. Not many knew that he himself had a devious plan to put an end to the british plans of destroying the panchalakuruchi fort.
That night Sundaralingam’s fiancee Vadivu was driving her  herd of goats near the ammunition dump of the british army, hidden among the goats was Sundaralingam covered in a blanket made of wool. When they approached the ammunition dump, Sundaralingam was spotted by a british soldier and raised the alarm. Sudaralingam did not waste a minute in thinking about his future, he grabbed the fire torch from Vadivu’s hand and jumped into the ammunition dump. Vadivu followed the path of Sundaralingam and jumped into the ammunition dump  to make the life together after death, they together blew the ammunition dump sky high. The thunderous explosions were heard miles across the area sending the british army running for cover. There they became the first ever known Human Bomb and were etched into history for eternity.
Sundaralingam camouflaging himself in midst of sheep heard with Vadivu
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For his courageous actions, Sundaralingam was given the nickname of veeran meaning the brave and he is known only as Veeran Sundaralingam after that. 
Sundaralingam along with Vadivu blow up the British army’s ammunition dump
Salute the Forgotten Hero Veeran Sundaralingam.
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The content in these series are researched over a period of time and care is taken to publish only the facts which correlate with the available evidence but incase if any discrepancy occurs Indiandragon holds no responsibility. Refer the Terms and Conditions for more information.

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21 thoughts on “Forgotten Heroes – Veeran Sundaralingam, World’s first human bomb”

  1. its real article, my uncle wrote a book on thalapathy sundaralingam. The greatest irony is in veerapandia Kattabomman film they use the sundaralingam character as comedian. Idiots.  Friend add the additional information, after katabommans and vellaiya thevans death sundaralingam take charge of the army and fought against the british for 3 days.

  2. In 1780,in Sivagangai the women named as Kuyili the follower of Rani Velunachiyar set a fire in her body and destroy the British Weapon godown.I think she is first human bomb.

    1. Hi Karthik above mentions the year 1799 where Veeran Sundaraligam blew the ammunition dump there is one years difference from your information so Kuyili incident is only secondary.

  3. Yes,Absolutely correct this is True History of Our Nation Records but forgot it also “Maraikapatta Unmaigal”. Take Salute the Real Hero “Maveeran Sundaralingam Devendranar”

    Thanks to Remind it.

  4. Really feeling great to know about Maveeran sundaralinga theiventhirar. I salute you that legend. But this government forget to share his story, I feel shame.

  5. Yes he is first human bomb and lead the war for three days against British after death of Kattabomman all

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