Unlock higher clocks in Sapphire Trixx utility to overclock your ATI Graphics card

Overclocking AMD graphics cards using Sapphire Trixx utility

Sapphire trixx is a over-clocking utility for ATI/AMD graphics cards but unfortunately it does not show the complete clock rates your graphics card is capable of pushing. Read on to know more.
Before we begin, I must warn you that over clocking could be bad …very bad for your graphics card if you do not do it properly. In this post I am going to teach you how to over clock but on how to unlock hidden clock rates for your graphics card in the Sapphire Trixx utility using AMD GPU tool. So read all about over clocking and its dangers before you begin as I am not responsible if you end up blowing up your graphics card.
Requisites :
Sapphire Trixx – download
AMD GPU Tool – download
GPU Z – download
Follow the following steps to unlock the extra clock speeds in the Sapphire Trixx utility,
Step 1 : Disable the AMD overdrive from catalyst control center, if you had them enabled.
Step 2 : Open Sapphire Trixx and see the initial Core and Memory clock in the Over clocking section, push the sliders to the maximum to see its limit (Do not click ‘Apply’).
Step 3 : Open AMD GPU tool, increase the core and memory clock in small increments from the initial
clock rates you noted earlier. When you move over the maximum clock rates in Trixx you noted earlier in the AMD GPU tool. You’ll notice that new core and memory clock frequencies gets unlocked in the Sapphire Trixx.

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Step 4 : Move the core and memory clock by small increments and see check the stability of the graphics card using a graphics card stressing application or a graphics intensive game.
Step 5 : Save the stable frequency and load it when you need it.  Note that you’ll need to run AMD GPU tool again when ever you need to over-clock.
If you want to make the changes permanent, you can save the clock frequencies in the AMD BIOS using RBE tool.
Hope this trick was useful, for doubts leave a comment and don’t forget to follow indiandragon on twitter and Facebook.