How to root Galaxy Tab 2 Jelly Bean, ICS

I would explain here the methodology for rooting Galaxy Tab 2 P3100.

Rooting is a process which allows the user to gain root access to the linux in Android OS. It can be useful if you run applications such as firewall, which requires root access to the Android.
This guide is just for rooting Galaxy Tab2 P3100, for other Android devices Type ‘ Model number of your Phone/Tablet rooting’ in the above search box.

This Guide is applicable for  Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 running Jelly Bean 4.1.1 or Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4

Disclaimer : Rooting ROM’s are risky, void’s warranty and could brick your device if not done properly. I am not held responsible in such cases. This guide is for educational purposes only, to follow this guide is solely under your discretion .

Prerequisites :

1.Download the GalaxyTab2 Root from the below link.
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2.Backup your ROM using Clock work mod – ROM Manager.

Procedure :

1. Drop the to the internal sd or external sd card of your Tab2.

2. Power off the tab, press volume down + power button to go into download mode.

3. Connect the data cable to the Tab and to the computer. 
Note : If your Tab is not getting detected in windows, make sure you have USB drivers installed.
b. Kies not running (kill from task manager ).
c. Connect the USB cable directly to the computer and not via an extension cable.

4. Open Odin in the Windows, You’ll notice the port is highlighted when the tab is detected.

5. Select Auto Restart & PDA and Uncheck everything else.

6. Select the GT-P3100_ClockworkMod-Recovery_5.5.0.4 through the PDA, make sure the options are selected as said and click Start.

7. After the Clock work Mod Recovery has been flashed press Volume up + power UP to enter into CWM recovery boot loader.
a.  Select install zip option and select from the internal/external sd.
b. Wait till the installation completes and select reboot system option.
Testing root,
In the Android Terminal Emulator type su, super user app will ask for giving providing super user permissions to the Terminal Emulator and you will receive superuser permissions. Type an linux command and check further.
Enjoy your rooted Galaxy tab2 !

Author: indiandragon

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15 thoughts on “How to root Galaxy Tab 2 Jelly Bean, ICS”

  1. bhai pura succesful install ho jayega agar apka instruction follow kiye toh.. plzz reply.. and one thing more.. how to install flash player in p3100?? plzz reply.. thanx

  2. Yes you can successfully upgrade to jelly bean using this guide,  but remember you would void your warranty if you flash unofficial ROM read the disclaimer. If you had flash player installed from official adobe site in ICS it would continue to work in jellybean but the dolphin browser should be old (ICS version). I would post a guide on installing Flash player soon.

  3. I followed all the steps on my P3100 Jelly bean version. Root checker said that this device had root access. Then I opened Titanuim Backup, and it said root access failed. Ran root checker again and now it said this device does not have proper root access.

  4. Yes it did. Showed Pass and 1 success / 0 failed. CWM opened properly and I installed the file. After a reboot Root Checker said the device had root access. But after Titanium Backup failed to get root access, I ran Root Checker once again and this time it said no root access.

  5. I did exactly as u said but root checker is saying your devive does not have proper root access??? plz reply how properly root it..

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