Install AOKP Jellybean ROM in Samsung Galaxy Tab2

Install AOKP ROM based on Cyanogenmod on your galaxy tab2

Android Open Kang Project(AOKP) is a custom ROM project based on Cyanogenmod. But unlike CM which offers only nightlies(as of writing), AOKP has released a milestone(stable) version of Jellybean 4.1.2 ROM for Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100. AOKP ROM’s are light weight and have kernels capable of realtime processor speed stepping thereby giving maximum performance at the same time conserving battery charge.

See my AOKP ROM vs Official Jellybean ROM benchmarks for Galaxy Tab 2.0 here –

Samsung has started giving out OTA updates of Jellybean ROM based on 4.1.1 for Tab2 see the guide here to install official jellybean ROM from samsung, but those of you who demand better performance and timings between recharging battery can opt for light weight AOKP ROM. Read on how,

Disclaimer : Flashing ROM’s are risky, void’s warranty and could brick your device if not done properly. I am not held responsible in such cases. This guide is for educational purposes only, to follow this guide is solely under your discretion .

Since it is an aftermarket ROM, you have to download ROM and Google apps package separately.

Download the AOKP Milestone ROM and gapps-jb-20121011-signed from the link below,

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Step 1: Install Clockworkmod recovery if you had not done earlier. Follow 1-6 steps from here.
Step 2: Take backup of your current ROM using ROM Manager or Titanium Backup app.
Step 3:  Press power button+volume up to enter into Clockworkmod recovery.
Step 4:  Wipe data/factory reset three times.
Step 5 : Select install, and select the download AOKP ROM from your internal/external sd-card.
Step 6:  After Install, Wipe cache/dalvik cache three times.
Step 7 : Now select the install again and install  in the same way as you install ROM.
Step 8:  Reboot

Hope you like the new AOKP ROM, incase you don’t then install the backed up ROM found in the clockworkmod directory just the way you installed AOKP ROM.

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