Travelling Sales Person problem, how Quantum computing solves it faster

Travelling Sales Person problem,how Quantum computing solves it faster

Travelling Sales Person Problem how Quantum computer does it better
D-wave system

I checked out a recent article in BBC on Nasa/Google inducting a new Quantum computer – D-wave Two , what impressed me more was it’s benchmark results based on Travelling Salesman Problem(TSP). It’s been long, I did a math post so thought why not do small, simple demo on TSP for you and explain how Quantum computer like D-wave excels at it.


This demo is for people for whom combinatorial optimisation is new or those who want to check out implementation of TSP on Wolfram alpha. This post is not Computation/Mathematics experts as I won’t be covering any algorithms or optimisation approach, this post is just aimed at giving basic understanding of TSP.

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Run Whatsapp on pc mac or hackintosh

Run Whatsapp on PC, Mac or hackintosh

Whatsapp on pc mac hackintosh
Whatsapp on mac / hackintosh

Run Whatsapp on pc mac or hackintosh

Whatsapp has proved itself to be an indispensable messaging application mainly due to it’s simple usable interface and multi platform support. The multi platform support of Whatsapp extends only to mobile devices and not across mobile and pc platforms.

Most of us spend our maximum time on pc and how cool it would be to send and receive messages in whatsapp over pc to mobile or vice versa when working on other pc tasks like programming, editing or even word processing !

Bluestacks android application emulator
Bluestacks android application emulator

To our relief is the Bluestacks android application emulator, which allows us to run android application on multiple pc platforms like windows and mac. As of this writing, Bluestacks is also available for windows surface tablet and release for other platforms like chrome OS is also planned. Bluestacks mimics Android user mode thus enabling us to run android apps on windows or OSX.

Bluestacks is a free software, and you can download it from the link below.

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