Run Whatsapp on pc mac or hackintosh

Run Whatsapp on PC, Mac or hackintosh

Whatsapp on pc, mac or hackintosh
Whatsapp on pc mac hackintosh
Whatsapp on mac / hackintosh

Run Whatsapp on pc mac or hackintosh

Whatsapp has proved itself to be an indispensable messaging application mainly due to it’s simple usable interface and multi platform support. The multi platform support of Whatsapp extends only to mobile devices and not across mobile and pc platforms.

Most of us spend our maximum time on pc and how cool it would be to send and receive messages in whatsapp over pc to mobile or vice versa when working on other pc tasks like programming, editing or even word processing !

Bluestacks android application emulator
Bluestacks android application emulator

To our relief is the Bluestacks android application emulator, which allows us to run android application on multiple pc platforms like windows and mac. As of this writing, Bluestacks is also available for windows surface tablet and release for other platforms like chrome OS is also planned. Bluestacks mimics Android user mode thus enabling us to run android apps on windows or OSX.

Bluestacks is a free software, and you can download it from the link below.

Video Walkthrough

I’ve made a complete video guide showing you how to install and run Whatsapp using Bluestacks on  mac osx but you can use the same procedure to run whatsapp on a windows computer.

Text Guide

Those who cannot wait to watch a 17 minute video can follow the quick summary of steps involved to run Whatsapp on your computer.

1. Download and install Bluestacks application from the above mentioned link according to your OS.

2. Run Bluestacks,click search button on top right to search for Whatsapp and sync with your google account using 1-click sync.

3. Install Whatsapp from the market of your choice.

Install whatsapp on Bluestack app player
Install whatsapp on Bluestack app player

4. Install Astro file manager the same way.

5. Copy your contacts from contacts application(mac), outlook (windows) or from your mobile to the Documents folder of your computer.

6. Use Astro file manger from Bluestacks to open My Files/sdcard/bstfolder/Documents and click the contacts you exported before and open them with Contacts application of android inside bluestacks.

7. Open Whatsapp from home screen of the Bluestacks.

8. Verify using a mobile number, the mobile number should not be used with another Whatsapp app on a real mobile and you should not use a fake number. Verify by sending sms to that number from Whatsapp , if it fails use the call verify method from Whatsapp.

9. The contacts who use Whatsapp will now be visible in the Whatsapp on your PC.

10. Send them a message informing your number if they did not have that number in their contacts earlier. Enjoy Whatsapping !


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