Google play offers interplanetary distribution of apps

Interplanetary distribution of apps



Interplanetary distribution of apps
Google offers interplanetary distribution of apps.


Google has offered to take App publishing beyond earth using Google play store , with more than a billion Android users world wide Google now aims to push app for space tourists and astronauts .

With new  Material Zero-G  design guide lines, space testing of apps; Google aims to publish your apps for space usage.

Google tests the app for space flight now .


Google has partnered with The Guardian to launch it’s app for space and it looks spectacular ! See it yourself in the video below,



And not just The Guardian  app, people from  the Talk about News  platform  – The revolutionary News reading and sharing app are trying to launch it’s app for space .

Check their app built in the video below ,


Talk about News is now available on earth  for Android & iOS  on earth , so check them out.


So this is an inter galactic endeavour by Google to distribute apps to outer space is welcomed by developer community in whole with just one concern.  The launch being today !


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