How to install google playstore on Genymotion

Google playstore on Genymotion

Genymotion is a fast emulator for android which can be used for development or for other android usage if you know the tricks of the trade!

Google playstore on Genymotion
Google playstore on Genymotion

Gm emulator uses android AOSP image & runs on virtual box using virtualisation. Since it uses visualisation it could use hardware acceleration features of the CPU and the genymotion AOSP images are optimised for the same, hence genymotion emulators are the fastest emulator for android i.e until android studio 2.0. Though latest android studio emulators work on similar fashion; which one of them is faster depends upon your use case. Anyways, flashing Google PlayStore on android studio emulator is more tricker.


  1. Genymotion .
  2. Download ARM & required Gapps flashable zip for your android OS version –
  3. In-case of Marshmallow, download Lollipop Gapps flashable zip along with Marshmallow Gapps zip as well.

Note : In case you find any of the files missing from the file host, search within the file host with same file name and you’ll find it.



1. Start the emulator device, drag and drop the ARM . Reboot the emulator.

2. Drag and drop the  required Gapps flashable zip for your android OS version. In case of Marshmallow, drag and drop Lollipop Gapps flashable zip first ([ignore errors] followed by Marshmallow zip after a reboot).

Note : After you flashed the appropriate zip file, you might get ANR (Android Not Responding) errors . Ignore them and reboot the emulator.

3. Reboot emulator.

4. Sign in to your google account, update playstore & install your favourite app !

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Disclaimer :
Once you are into Rooting/Modding, you’ve pretty much seen this everywhere. I’m not responsible for your device or  your actions .

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