shellshock vulnerability in android

shellshock vulnerability
shellshock vulnerability , executing commands after environment


I’ll try to put it as simple as possible to the readers from non information security background, ‘bash shell’ an inevitable part of unix based systems like Unix, Linux, Mac OS  is messed up badly by a easy to exploit  vulnerability that all hell broke loose. Shellshock aka Bashdoor  as it’s fondly called is a series of dangerous security bugs on the bash shell.


The first of these series, which would let anyone execute arbitrary commands following a crafted environment variable like this,

env x='() { :;}; echo vulnerable' bash -c "echo this is a test"

Speaking more on the vulnerability and it’s implications is beyond the scope of this article. Incase you are a power reader and wish to know in-depth regarding the vulnerability, please take a look at the excellent coverage on the same by troy hunt here.

What I really wanted to speak about here is shellshock’s implications in Android operating system.

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Android One – what it means for us, vendors and google !

First set of android one phones released in India. Source : Google

Google, yesterday at a event in Mumbai announced new range of smartphones under ‘Android One’ banner which enables domestic handset vendors sell hardwares using google reference design and regular operating system updates from Google directly like it’s nexus line of smartphones but with one key difference – price.

Since Android One programme is aimed at countries like India, Philippines, Bangladesh  where smartphone penetration though growing at a massive rate still distributed lesser than feature phones, they are priced very competitvely.

The first set of Android phones announced here were  Spice Dream Uno, Karbonn Sparkle V and Micromax’s Canvas A1 priced INR 6,299, 6,399 and 6,499 respectively which is close to US $ 100. Since they all share the same reference design by google, they all share same hardware except for some customisations in enclosures.

Click below to see the specifications.

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Travelling Sales Person problem, how Quantum computing solves it faster

Travelling Sales Person problem,how Quantum computing solves it faster

Travelling Sales Person Problem how Quantum computer does it better
D-wave system

I checked out a recent article in BBC on Nasa/Google inducting a new Quantum computer – D-wave Two , what impressed me more was it’s benchmark results based on Travelling Salesman Problem(TSP). It’s been long, I did a math post so thought why not do small, simple demo on TSP for you and explain how Quantum computer like D-wave excels at it.


This demo is for people for whom combinatorial optimisation is new or those who want to check out implementation of TSP on Wolfram alpha. This post is not Computation/Mathematics experts as I won’t be covering any algorithms or optimisation approach, this post is just aimed at giving basic understanding of TSP.

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Run Whatsapp on pc mac or hackintosh

Run Whatsapp on PC, Mac or hackintosh

Whatsapp on pc mac hackintosh
Whatsapp on mac / hackintosh

Run Whatsapp on pc mac or hackintosh

Whatsapp has proved itself to be an indispensable messaging application mainly due to it’s simple usable interface and multi platform support. The multi platform support of Whatsapp extends only to mobile devices and not across mobile and pc platforms.

Most of us spend our maximum time on pc and how cool it would be to send and receive messages in whatsapp over pc to mobile or vice versa when working on other pc tasks like programming, editing or even word processing !

Bluestacks android application emulator
Bluestacks android application emulator

To our relief is the Bluestacks android application emulator, which allows us to run android application on multiple pc platforms like windows and mac. As of this writing, Bluestacks is also available for windows surface tablet and release for other platforms like chrome OS is also planned. Bluestacks mimics Android user mode thus enabling us to run android apps on windows or OSX.

Bluestacks is a free software, and you can download it from the link below.

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Sync iCloud live hotmail and email account in Android

An how to on Syncing iCloud, live, hotmail and email account in Android

If you are like me who having a dozen email id’s, like to keep up a rap sheet on email response time  and want to have all your email accounts synced to your smartphone on the go ? Look no further, as today I’ll show you how to sync iCloud,live,hotmail or email in your Android device.

Since syncing gmail and yahoo accounts are well documented, I’ll show you syncing iCloud account used in Mac , iOS devices and Microsoft email account such as hotmail, outlook or as they are not widely used and many are facing difficulties in syncing those accounts. I’ll show you account parameters used to sync the above accounts on my multiple devices, so if you follow the guide clearly then you should be able to pull this off with ease !

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