Android One – what it means for us, vendors and google !

First set of android one phones released in India. Source : Google

Google, yesterday at a event in Mumbai announced new range of smartphones under ‘Android One’ banner which enables domestic handset vendors sell hardwares using google reference design and regular operating system updates from Google directly like it’s nexus line of smartphones but with one key difference – price.

Since Android One programme is aimed at countries like India, Philippines, Bangladesh  where smartphone penetration though growing at a massive rate still distributed lesser than feature phones, they are priced very competitvely.

The first set of Android phones announced here were  Spice Dream Uno, Karbonn Sparkle V and Micromax’s Canvas A1 priced INR 6,299, 6,399 and 6,499 respectively which is close to US $ 100. Since they all share the same reference design by google, they all share same hardware except for some customisations in enclosures.

Click below to see the specifications.

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My first impression with OSX Lion

My first impression with OSX Lion

My first impression with OSX Lion

It has been three days, trying to tame the Lion or is the other way around ? 😛
I want to set some things straight, first of all I am not an Mac fanatic but sure I am of OSX !! So the OSX rests inside my PC , I am not going to say how it got inside my PC for that you got to check out (
These are my first impressions with OSX Lion,

  1. Yes changed wall paper, a mighty Lion this time.
(For most lay men, this would be the only change!!)
     2.Window framework looks different, new light theme and new views like iTunes cover flow inside all folders with multitouch support !!
3.Mission control brings all running apps in one view, built on earlier expose.
4.Launchpad brings all installed applications on desktop view and can be navigated using multitouch.
5.New look for ical, mail and FaceTime included by default.
Now getting bit technical while digging inside,
1.Versions a new feature saves different versions of a same document , bringing time machine feature to common documents enabling me to get past versions of document.

2.Auto save feature saves all application and documents   automatically, no more worries on sudden system shutdown or power off.

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Security : Experts say Lion is king of security, really?

  1. ASLR : Address Space Layout Randomization
 This regularly changes how applications and programs are loaded onto the OS’s memory, and where they are located in the memory. this means hackers cannot any longer use exploits that assume data will be found in fixed locations, thereby improving the OS’ protection against hacking.
   2.Application Sandboxing
Another key security feature of Mac OS X Lion is a shielding system called application sandboxing. This limits the kind of interaction apps can have with the OS, with apps having to go through an approval process so they only use the parts of the OS they need to run. this is designed to keep malware at bay.
 3. FileVault Encryption
Apple has also rebuilt the FileVault encryption system, which now allows users to encrypt an entire hard drive rather than just files while also allowing disk contents to be encrypted when the Mac is powered-off.
Conclusion : Well  OSX has come a long way from the initial crash at random Operating System, It has proved itself with its Leopard series operating systems. Now with its latest iteration Lion, it may just be the worlds most advanced operating system available to end users !!

The IndianDragon µ blog ->The Leopard clarification ;)

The Leopard clarification

The IndianDragon µ blog ->The Leopard clarification 😉

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Leopard OSX 10.5 ->
Is a hybrid OS,i.e it is a 32bit(32bit libs) OS and it can also run 64 bit Apps. An app which is made to run on 64bit environment can run flawlessly on Leopard on the same mode.
Snow Leopard 10.6 ->
Is a pure 64 bit OS (64bit libs) the Apps made for snow leopard are 64bit apps. Snow leopard can also run 32bit Apps in a separate mode called 32bit mode.Under 32 bit mode the whole OS behaves like a 32 bit OS.
But what is the catch? why does Apple need a Snow leopard?
well Snow leo is not just a 64 bit OS,but it includes an array of pathbreaking technologies like Open CL,QuickTime H.264 hardware acceleration support etc. I hope the developers make use of these and build more efficient coding practices for all future OS’s 

Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit First hand experience

Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit First hand experience

Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit First hand experience
I finished my ubuntu9.04″Jaunty Jackalope- Itz a warrrior bunny!!” download yesterday, So I thought i’ll share my first hand experience with the new Ubuntu…
First somethnig about my relationship with ubuntu,I hav been using Ubuntu for the past 4 years n was verymuch in love with it,till I met Mac OSX…So did I dump my ubuntu..? na…..I jus switch to OSX for my daily usage…n Ubuntu for some special purpose apps.

Now coming back to Ubuntu 9.04,

I decided to install 9.04 in a Virtual machine(Parallel’s Desktop) so tat I can test it in low specs n its easier to get the screenshots this way!!

The Specs I alloted for Ubuntu 9.04 in Parallels was,
2core processor,

1Gb RAM,

128 Mb Graphics.

Installation :
Ubuntu 9.04 has new installation windows,looks kind off Suse Like and a new Loader Bar..A pretty sleek Laser like.The time selection window is new too.Ubuntu 9.04 has the latest linux file system ext4…but I tried only ext3..will keep ext4 for some other review.Well tatz it from installation side..
Booting & Login Window :
Must say Ubuntu developers has come up with a speed demon wen it comes to booting,It really Rocks !! I hope Windows & Solaris guys learn a thing or two from this baby.The booting time is less than 60secs in an Core2 spec machine.

The login window is a masterpiece with cool merun shade …I loved it…

The Desktop :
The Desktop is very much Ubuntu like..nothing has been changed much in terms of interface n wallpaper…
The Notifications :
Ubuntu’s major GUI enhancement has come in the form of notifications in the 9.04, The notifications are very much Mac like…n since am used to it…I did not find this scintillating…
The Display Manager :
Ubuntu 9.04 has a cool display manager..setting resolutions has never been this easy. Anyone, who has come across a linux distro knows…wat I mean….wen setting resolutions ..Well beleive me..Ubuntu 9.04 rocks in Display management…even dual monitor setup is pretty in this distro.
The Network Manager :

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From 8.10, Ubuntu has a Network manager tailor made for 3G n GPRS services around the world. 9.04 has a the same network manager with support for almost all Mobile service providers in India n rest of the world. 9.04 has a native support for ARM processors so wen it comes to Netbooks, Ubuntu 9.04 is a major candidate for OS. Configuring networks is real easy with this ubuntu.
Applications :
Ubuntu 9.04 has all basic apps it had for past 3-4 versions. The app worth a mention is the latest Openoffice 3.0..many wanted a office suite with Ubuntu…n they get it..!! OpenOffice 3.0 has better compatibility with MS word docs…reducing the headache for many!!
Firefox 3.08 has been included in Ubuntu 9.04…with enhanced security n speed.
Shutdown :
The shutdown timing is pretty much as impressive as the boot timing…man way to go Ubuntu..
Conclusion :
Ubuntu 9.04 is going far ahead in time than other linux distros,Mark shuttle worth’s sponsorship is doing itz trick I guess. Ubuntu 9.04 is comparable in interface n GUI with Windows 7 n OSX, But wen it comes to speed and performance it clearly sends the other two running for their mummy!!
Ubuntu9.04 proves that, wen it comes to free Linux distros…it wins hands down.With better applications and driver support…Ubuntu can claim it’s stake in the Operating system market.

So the last word ?? I still love Ubuntu