How to install google playstore on Genymotion

Genymotion is a fast emulator for android which can be used for development or for other android usage if you know the tricks of the trade!

Google playstore on Genymotion
Google playstore on Genymotion

Gm emulator uses android AOSP image & runs on virtual box using virtualisation. Since it uses visualisation it could use hardware acceleration features of the CPU and the genymotion AOSP images are optimised for the same, hence genymotion emulators are the fastest emulator for android i.e until android studio 2.0. Though latest android studio emulators work on similar fashion; which one of them is faster depends upon your use case. Anyways, flashing Google PlayStore on android studio emulator is more tricker.


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How to flash files without installing custom recovery


How to flash files without installing custom recovery
How to flash files without installing custom recovery

To flash files for rooting, Xposed etc. in Android you will be needing a custom recovery image, it allows us for flashing system level files which wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

There are different types of custom recovery images such as Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP), Clock Work Mod, CyanogenMod Recovery, PhilZ Touch. In general, these recovery images are to be flashed permanently to your device [Of-course you can remove them & flash stock recovery] .

In case you didn’t want to flash custom recovery permanently (security ?) you can use NRT to flash custom recovery temporarily for your tasks. In this video, I’ll show you flashing xposed binary using temporary custom recovery. Continue reading “How to flash files without installing custom recovery”

How to update rooted nexus with nexus root tool kit

Hey guys, I have been asked many times on updating a rooted (or) modded nexus with latest minor/security update because once you unlock the boot loader on your nexus device you will not be able to install updates via OTA.

Luckily, it’s much simple to update your rooted/modded nexus than you think; thanks to a nifty tool – nexus root tool kit by XDA Recognised developer – Wugfresh .

Update rooted nexus devices.
Update rooted nexus devices.

Requirements :

  1. Nexus device from Galaxy Nexus onwards running Android .
  2. Windows Operating System (Virtual Machine would also do fine).
  3. Nexus Root Tool Kit  (NRT) [Download : ]

Video Guide :

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Install whatsapp on iPad and iPod touch

Whatsapp on iPad iOS 8.1
Whatsapp on iPad iOS 8.1

WhatsApp, arguably the most used mobile messaging application isn’t available for iPad  as it lacks the  SMS or calling feature required for WhatsApp verification. But this hasn’t stopped modders from installing WhatsApp on iOS  with full features.

As of later versions of WhatsApp needs Jailbreak tweaks to function, so this trick requires your iPad’s iOS to be jailbroken. This method has been tested to work with jailbroken iOS 8.1.2 and should probably work on later iOS versions.

Disclaimer :

Jailbreaking void’s the warranty of your device & I hold no responsibility for your jailbroken device or related activity.

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Sync iCloud live hotmail and email account in Android

An how to on Syncing iCloud, live, hotmail and email account in Android

If you are like me who having a dozen email id’s, like to keep up a rap sheet on email response time  and want to have all your email accounts synced to your smartphone on the go ? Look no further, as today I’ll show you how to sync iCloud,live,hotmail or email in your Android device.

Since syncing gmail and yahoo accounts are well documented, I’ll show you syncing iCloud account used in Mac , iOS devices and Microsoft email account such as hotmail, outlook or as they are not widely used and many are facing difficulties in syncing those accounts. I’ll show you account parameters used to sync the above accounts on my multiple devices, so if you follow the guide clearly then you should be able to pull this off with ease !

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