How to install google playstore on Genymotion

Genymotion is a fast emulator for android which can be used for development or for other android usage if you know the tricks of the trade!

Google playstore on Genymotion
Google playstore on Genymotion

Gm emulator uses android AOSP image & runs on virtual box using virtualisation. Since it uses visualisation it could use hardware acceleration features of the CPU and the genymotion AOSP images are optimised for the same, hence genymotion emulators are the fastest emulator for android i.e until android studio 2.0. Though latest android studio emulators work on similar fashion; which one of them is faster depends upon your use case. Anyways, flashing Google PlayStore on android studio emulator is more tricker.


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Google play offers interplanetary distribution of apps



Interplanetary distribution of apps
Google offers interplanetary distribution of apps.


Google has offered to take App publishing beyond earth using Google play store , with more than a billion Android users world wide Google now aims to push app for space tourists and astronauts .

With new  Material Zero-G  design guide lines, space testing of apps; Google aims to publish your apps for space usage.

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