How to charge your smartphone battery, facts and myths

How to charge your smartphone battery, facts and myths

Ok everyone is smart phone crazy and every one has an smartphone now, right ? well thats why you are here in the first place !!

Most of you charge your phone at least twice a day and still end up waking late the next day cause your smartphone mobile just couldn’t  last the night with those 3 sticks of battery so it just could not wake you up.
Though this guide could suit your iPhone, Windows Mobile or Android. But I will take example of an Android smartphone and make use of some utility app for the same.
Yes as the title says I am going to tell you how to maintain a good charging cycle for you smartphone and how to prolong the battery life of your smart phone. 
Did you notice the word ‘prolong’ ? I did not tell you that I would tell you the magic for making your battery last for a week, or at least two days, thats because I know it is a myth. Not since it is impossible to make the phone battery last 2 days without charging, but since that kind of charging is sure to reduce the longevity of  your battery. And to mention yes my smarphone’s battery easily lasts more than 48Hrs with a single charge, but I won’t let it to, want to know why ? Just try to follow with me,
A tiny winy bit of Technology now :
Your smartphone like many other portable devices out there has Lithium-ion battery with a mAh written on it, Well that mAh is the strength/capacity of your battery. It basically tells how long your battery will last with a single charge in Ampere Hour. So mAh is like the fuel tank in a vehicle, higher the mAh larger the battery will last for a charge. Most smartphone batteries are now rated above 1000mAh. I think thats all you need to know about your battery as I am not in mood for a electronics class now (might be next time).
What is the correct charge cycle for Li-ion battery ?
Studies show that though Li-ion batteries can be rated to last unto 5 years, most of them doesn’t see the third year due to incorrect charge cycles followed by the user.
Myth :

“I charged my phone only when it goes dead, still my battery went dead in a year”, well thats because you followed a bad charge cycle. 
The correct  charge cycle for a Li-ion battery is,
“Frequent  slow charging”
I see a grin in your face, thinking  I am some wana be rookie tech trying to confuse you. 
Well firstly I am not  a rookie as I am into mobiles right from the times of 8bit display siemens mobile and I am stating facts based on some intense research into Li-ion batteries, the links of which I would share at the end.
From the research it is found that life of a battery to hold the charge is directly related to the temperature conditions the battery is subjected to. So a battery in high temperature with full charge is seem to lose it’s ability to retain charge than a batter with less charge at less temperature.
Perfect charge range for your battery is,
“To maintain your battery in 40-60% most of the time”

Perfect temperature to maintain in  your battery is,
“Room temperature, just don’t keep your phone inside car or oven.”

“When the temperature is more, maintain less charge in your battery”

Perfect charging method for your battery is,
“Slow charging – use USB charging through computer rather than wall charger”

Occasionally when you know you have to stay long time without charging then you can push your phone to 100% charge but doing it daily is not advisable. 
So how to check your battery status and temperature ?
Though you can check those from internal settings menu, there is a nifty utility from Norton for android called,
Mobile Utilities and Task killer

As you can see I maintain a clear balance between charge and temperature
You can grab this for free (it has lot of other goodies too!! will talk about it in another post ), from google play by the link given below,

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So the above suggestions are based on some intense research such as this one from the guys at Cadex,
and from my personal experiences with portable gadgets with Li-ion batteries.
So I guess I had helped you with some charging mysteries of your smartphone, if you had followed what I had said then you should have no problems waking up tomorrow morning, Your phone would be alive and happy to greet you !! Also would last longer during those occasional  long trips without charging.

So thats all for today folks, get back to me soon for such interesting guides/Tips. Follow me  through my Facebook page and twitter for daily updates.
Thanks to Yan Flahorn from deviant art for such amazing battery graphic !!